Copyright in music is owned by it authors and composers. Payment must be made for any commercial use or ‘exploitation’ of this intellectual property.  To ensure that these payments are processed accurately, and reach the correct artists, ownership details must by registered with the MCPS and the PRS.cerddoriaeth2 lores

Aran Publications is a Registered Publisher and can operate on your behalf by:-  

  • Registering your material with the MCPS/PRS
  • Collecting and distributing payments to writers/composers
  • Promoting your material to its fullest potential



Quality music recorded to the highest standard

The label was established in 2006 as an additional outlet for the work of Producer  - Emyr Rhys.  Over the past Twenty Years he as worked with many prominent Welsh Artists, including:-


Cory Brass Band • Parc & Dare Brass Band • Beaumaris Brass Band • Bryn Terfel • Cantorion Teifi • Carreg Lafar • Catatonia • Cerddorfa Genedlaethol Gymreig y BBC • CF1 • Côr Godre’r Aran • Côr Meibion Pontarddulais Male Voice Choir • Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir • Côr Meibion Pendyrus Male Voice Choir • Cor Rhuthun • Cor Seiriol • Gwerinos • Gwyn Evans a Dr Jazz • Hogia Llandegai • Jane Watts • John ac Alun • Osian Ellis • Pigyn Clust • Margaret Williams • Mary Lloyd Davies • Mike Peters • Sarah Louise • Siwan Llynor • Susan Bullock • Trebor Edwards • Yr Anrhefn

Aran records offer Artists the following packages:-

Package 1 – ‘The Complete Package’

  • On Location Recording or Studio Recording over 2 days
  • Sound Engineer and experienced Producer
  • Edit and master the material and supply the Artist with a copy of the master for approval
  • A Graphic Artist to design a cover for the CD in full colour and forward a proof copy  for Artist approval
  • arrange a license and pay the MCPS for any music in Copyright
  • duplication of CDs and full colour CD Covers
  • Mail and distribute CDs to the Press
  • Create a Web Page for the Artist on our website including MP3 clips and links to Artists’ Web page
  • Offer and distribute the finished article to the Shops
  • Sell the CD on our Website, we also accept credit card orders over the phone

Prices (in installments over six months)

  • 500   CDs - £3695
  • 1000   CDs - £3995
  • 1500  CDS - £4795

Additional services:-

  • arrange and  prepare backing tracks
  • add  additional instruments to the recordings to enhance the accompaniment
  • Additional days for recording
  • payments terms over 12 months

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prices or  queries

Already recorded your CD?

Do you have your own recording facility?

Package 2 – ‘Releasing on the Aran label’

As the above package but with the recording/editing/mastering having been completed
• 500 CDs  - £1695
• 1000 CDs  - £1995
• 1500 CDs - £2695

Advantages of releasing you record through Aran :-

  • There are several sources of income possible by releasing your record commercially.  To benefit you must ensure that every aspect of the material has been registered with the correct organizations.
  • Aran Records are registered with the PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited).  By supplying the PPL with catalogue information,  payments will be made to Artists who are registered with PRC or PARMA.
  • Aran Publications are registered with the MCPS and PRS.  We can ensure that payments are made to Composers and Writers for the use of their material in relation to any broadcast, and we work with them to promote this material.  We can also ensure that any third party material in Copyright has been correctly licensed and that authorization has been granted.
  • We promote and market our material through the Media, Press and
  • Every master we produce has its unique  ISRC code (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD RECORDING CODE) which makes it easier for broadcasters to use this material.

Package 3 - 'Demo’ Package

  • 1 day of recording (for six or seven items)
  • includes hiring of a classical venue with a 'Steinway' grand
  • cost of tuning a piano
  • edit and master the material and supply a copy for approval
  • Graphic Artist to design a cover for the CD in full colour and forward a proof copy  for approval


  • 100 CDs - £1495
  • 200 CDs - £1745


stiwdioaranEither on location in a concert hall or church, or in our own studio, we have the facilities to respond to any requirements. Please contact us to discuss hourly rates.





Recordio yn Llanber crop

Studio ARAN offers:

  • 24+ Tracks of digital recording synchronised to picture
  • Fully automated digital mixdown
  • Digital editing
  • CD and CD+ mastering
  • ‘Voice-over' facility

Housed in a fully isolated and acoustically treated building. The studio includes a 25 m3 'live' room with 32 mic. lines feeding a 43 m3 Control Room.
Office facilities including broadband connection. Studio Aran also offers kitchen and toilet facilities and off road parking

Digital Recording via A:

  • Tascam DM-24 mixer

    Llwytho lower res

  • 2 x Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack voice channels
  • Apple Logic running on Apple pro with 32Gb RAM
  • HHB Circle 5A Monitors
  • Aphex Studio Dominator 2 stereo limiter
  • TASCAM DA30 DAT recorder
  • Mics by Rode / AKG / Sennheiser / Shure
  • Selection of valve mics
  • Sonnox Plug-in Suite
  • Yamaha U1 piano
  • TAMA Drum kit
  • Selection of basses and guitars by Musicman, Fender, Line 6, Faith and Epiphone
  • Kurzweil PC88mx fully weighted controller keyboard
'Cerdd Emyr Rhys Music' is a Music Production Service offering:-               
Original Compositions for Radio, Theatre, Television, Web Sites and Multi Media  Production.

  • Record Production and Engineering
  • Library Music Production
  • 'Music Director' Services
  • Music Industry Consultancy
  • Musical arrangements in notated or recorded format